Metal & Aluminum Fences

Metal & Aluminum Fences

Metal fences come in various types, from aluminum to wrought iron. A metal fence can be a beautiful addition to any home or business. It can be used around a swimming pool to protect children and pets from the pool for safety reasons. It features thin pickets with wider spaces that allow you to easily see through the fence to preserve a picturesque view or maintain visibility.

Metal fences are usually made of powder-coated aluminum, which is strong, lightweight, and resists rusting. They are more expensive than wood; however, their fine details and elegance make them an attractive addition to your property.

Ameristar Fences

Fencing USA is proud to offer Ameristar Fence Products to our customers. Our team manufactures multiple ornamental and decorative metal fences & gates for pool fencing, backyard fencing, and dog fencing. Ameristar’s welded ornamental steel fences are the most popular and widely installed by contractors in the nation.

Ameristar Fence Products—based in Tulsa, Oklahoma—is the largest ornamental fence manufacturer in the world. From its beginnings over a quarter-century ago, Ameristar concentrated on enhancing the aesthetic appearance of modern fence products, promoting ease of installation while increasing strength & durability.

Pursuing this focus, Ameristar designed and built a new, environmentally friendly, high-production facility. This resulted in creating the highest quality residential, commercial, industrial, and high-end security fences in today’s market.